The Code of Chinese Specials Sentences.pdf

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Author  zhongyang
Resource Type Textbook

Pub Date 2012
Formats Included  . PDF
Pages  126

If you’ve struggled with making sense of perplexing Chinese grammar patterns like ba-constructions and pivotal sentences, “The Code of Chinese Special Sentences” is a must-read.

Written by a linguistics expert, this authoritative guide provides long-awaited clarity on the logic behind these confounding sentence structures. Through methodical deconstruction and insightful examples, the book illuminates areas like complement compounds that often befuddle learners.

The analysis of pragmatic factors like focus and definiteness is particularly revelatory for understanding discourse flow. Useful comparisons to English grammar conventions highlight key differences.

While technical at times, requiring some linguistic terminology, the writing remains engaging. My main critique is wanting even more example dialogues in parts.

But overall, this is the definitive resource for demystifying complex Chinese grammar. Essential for advanced students seeking a nuanced mastery of the language’s unique sentence mechanics.


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