Chinese Grammar Break down into 100 items.pdf

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Author  Beijing
Resource Type Textbook

Pub Date 2011
Formats Included  . PDF
Pages  386

“Chinese Grammar Break Down into 100 Items” is a must-have for conquering Chinese grammar. This innovative guide dissects concepts into 100 clear, digestible explanations.

The expert authors go beyond just rules to reveal the linguistic logic and pragmatic nuances behind accurate usage. Invaluable insights on areas like ba-constructions, complement compounds, and discourse particles.

While comprehensive, the item-by-item approach allows focused study. Some transitions could flow better between related items.

Best for intermediate/advanced learners comfortable with some linguistic terminology. But the straightforward writing makes it accessible.

Minor critique aside, it’s an authoritative, structured path to grammar mastery. The 100 keys every serious student needs to unlock the mysteries of Chinese grammar.


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