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Author Peking
Resource Type Textbook

Pub Date 2007
Formats Included  . PDF
Pages  300

“A Handbook of Chinese Locution” (《汉语惯用语学习手册》) is a valuable resource for learners interested in mastering Chinese idiomatic expressions. Let’s delve into the details of this book:

  1. Content Overview:
    • “A Handbook of Chinese Locution” focuses on Chinese idiomatic expressions (惯用语). These expressions play a significant role in Chinese vocabulary due to their vivid and concise nature.
    • Native Chinese speakers can effortlessly use these idioms in everyday conversations, but for non-native learners, understanding and applying them correctly can be challenging.
  2. Key Features:
    • The book provides a comprehensive collection of commonly used idiomatic expressions.
    • Each idiom is explained in detail, including its meaning, usage, and context.
    • Learners will gain insights into the cultural nuances and humor embedded in these expressions.


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