A Chinese Grammar for foreign Learners.pdf

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Author  Beijing
Resource Type Textbook

Pub Date 2008
Formats Included  . PDF
Pages  235

If you’re struggling to wrap your head around Chinese grammar, “A Chinese Grammar for Foreign Learners” is a must-have resource. This comprehensive guide meticulously explains major concepts like ba-constructions, classifiers, and aspect particles through clear examples.

What sets it apart are the invaluable insights into the pragmatic usage and cultural context behind grammar patterns. The author clarifies confusing areas textbooks often overlook.

While dense at times, the frequent English comparisons illuminate differences for native speakers. Not ideal for total beginners, but advanced students will find this an indispensable reference.

My only critique is wanting more example sentences for complex topics. But overall, it’s the essential guide for finally mastering proper Chinese grammar. Highly recommended for serious learners.


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